We plan a wedding a few months before the ceremony

Not far away is one of the most beautiful and important days in life - your own wedding. Nothing here should go the wrong way, so structured wedding planning is of great importance to most couples. What should be done 12 months before the wedding, and what 5 months before the significant day? If you do not have the financial means to hire a professional wedding organizer, or if you just like to plan your own wedding, a full wedding checklist will help you not lose sight when planning a wedding.

From guest list to seating plan

To avoid the added chaos of dining table recordings in addition to chaotic wedding planning, we thought about solving the problem of a digital seating plan. If you understand more clearly, you can also distribute individual guests to tables in the wedding task list and vice versa. If you click on the table on the guest list, you will be able to see directly those who are already sitting at this table.

What needs to be planned a few months before the wedding

The big day is slowly approaching! The general conditions are now specified and marked with a check mark in the wedding checklist. Now such subtleties as a wedding ceremony, menu planning and sending invitation tickets are gradually being resolved.

Order and print wedding invitations. Tip: optional, but you can create your own fashion site through which you can communicate and send invitations, publish photos, your stories and videos, an example on this page.

  1. Dress up as a groom - choose a groom costume according to your wedding style.
  2. Arrange a meeting with the priest to find out the details of the wedding.
  3. Prepare honeymoon: clarify the validity of the passport and the necessary vaccinations
  4. Plan the menu for the wedding using the wedding checklist template.
  5. Contact the photographer, video operator leading the wedding florist and choose floral decoration, including the bouquet of the bride.
  6. Order wedding rings and, if necessary, engrave them.
  7. Collect guest addresses.
  8. Send invitations.
  9. Order the printed products necessary for the design of the hall and menu card.
  10. Buy wedding shoes, underwear, tights (including replacement).
  11. Reserve hotel rooms for (new) guests or make a list of possible accommodation options. And mark this action in the wedding checklist app.
  12. Make a list of relatives to whom you give gifts.

Tip: If necessary, start attending dancing courses for newlyweds to shock the guests with the first dance of the newlyweds. And more importantly, you may need to arrange childcare during the wedding. Nor should a last minute wedding checklist.

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